About Us

The DOP Store was founded on the premise that our customer has selected a quality product, and as such, deserves 100% satisfaction. This is manifested by the following:

The DOP Store provides quality and unique apparel, headwear and accoutrements by catering to customers who are confident and fashion forward while having an appreciation for classic and sophisticated style.

As a Veteran-owned and  family run business, we express our own personal tastes and styles through our designs. However, we believe that you can only truly add value when you know and understand the unique desires of each customer. This kind of understanding only develops with time. In short, your feedback and communication is important.

We endeavor to exceed our customers’ expectations for products at all times. Our goal is to do what we do as a part of giving something back to the customers and communities we serve.

We are located in Rochester, New York, but do not have a brick & mortar location.

All communications can be directed to: help@thedopstore.com